Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nothing to show

I sat down to blog last night, and I thought... I have nothing to show!

I've been on a cleaning binge... don't get excited... a cleaning binge for me means to focus on one room and work hard on a portion of it. I'm the only one who notices a difference! This cleaning binge centered on three places: the bench in the back hall (under and over), our trash cabinet (inside and out), and under the kitchen sink. It's been exhausting, but I'm feeling very pleased with myself!

Cleaning is not my favorite task in the world, although I do love a clean and organized home. I think I must have been wealthy in a former life and had a staff at my beck and call. However, I no longer have a staff... my four daughters each have their own homes far enough away that I know I'll never get my house clean if I wait for them! ;-) Dave is a great help, but once April hits, he's way too busy to help as much as he does during the winter months. So, I set my favorite pastimes aside and clean every once in a while.

This morning, while the coffee was brewing, I thought I'd better clear off the dining room table, and I realized that I have accomplished quite a bit since my last post.

I started prepping flannel receiving blankets for the twins my daughter is expecting in September. Today I'll have to hunt for my wing needle so that I can pierce evenly space holes all the way around for a crocheted edging... my favorite way to finish receiving blankets!

Dave and I watched the last 15 minutes of the Blackhawks game last night. I think this is the first time we've ever watched hockey! 15 minutes of any sporting event takes a whole lot longer than 15 minutes, and during that time period, I managed to crochet some button flowers for my collection. These weren't all done during the hockey game, but they were all crocheted last night.

I've also made pretty good progress on my shawl. Of course progress is much slower now that I have approximately 150 stitches on the needles. I do like knitting this pattern. I must be getting ready for a knitting binge... I've been watching knitting videos, searching for interesting patterns, and ordering luscious yarn.

Have I given up tatting? Absolutely not! I've just turned to mindless pursuits so that I don't mess up my doilies! My brain is kind of weary with all the end-of-year school activities and deadlines. We only have six more days of this school year, and then I will have all the time I like to pursue my passions!


  1. Ah, you remind me that I still haven't cleaned the windows!

  2. Considering all the time you must spend at school, you certainly get a lot of "craft" stuff accomplished! It amazes me.

    The shawl is going to be wonderful!

  3. p.s. I love those pink buttons! What are you going to do with all the buttons? Some were hair clips, no? But what about the others?

  4. Oh Funny! I thought I was the only one who specialized in cleaning that no one else noticed. :-) But, like you, I do.
    Have fun with the knitting. I love shawls, they always fit.

  5. Looks like progress to me!!! :)
    Our granddaughters have already finished school this year and the youngest came to spend the night while the oldest had her birthday party so we had fun Friday night, and she had to be back right away on Saturday for her birthday party(birthdays were actually on Monday and Wednesday).

  6. I really chuckled over this post, which I almost could have written, except for the 'production line' that you always have going! It boggles my mind how many wonderful things you create - on a daily basis! The buttons are always so colorful and attractive, and look at all those blankets where you do all that crocheting of edges (great idea, by the way). You're really clipping along on the shawl, although I'm sure you have to pay attention to all those stitches! It's not exactly 'mindless' knitting!

    I have always suspected that I was royalty at one time and am now having to 'make up' for that by being a 'drudge' and relegated to endless cleaning. sorting and organizing, and making no dent whatsoever (like Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's apprentice)! The cook and the grocery delivery service are longed for, not to mention the kitchen cleanup crew!


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