Monday, May 18, 2015

Shuttle love

It's no secret that I love my tatting shuttles!

My newest shuttle from Grizzly Mountain Arts arrived last week. I really like these Handi-Wind Shuttles. The screw-in handle makes it easier for me to hold the shuttle while I'm winding it. I also like that Dave puts a little ring on the end of the handle so that it can be worn on a ribbon around my neck. I always know where my handle is when it's time to reload my shuttle!

Today's post brought my newest Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles. I was really hoping that the Spalted Beech shuttle would be available when I visited Jane's shop. Luckily, I visited right after it was listed! The Elm shuttle was too pretty to pass up. I really like working with wood shuttles. The wood feels so warm as I'm tatting... perfect for tired fingers!

I managed two pattern repeats on my shawl today. I do enjoy knitting, but I find that it's getting harder to knit for long periods of time. I guess that it pays to have multiple interests!

I've passed the halfway point on this round of the Jan Stawasz Masterpiece. I guess if I didn't take time to blog I would be able to get a lot more done, but I do enjoy posting my progress. It's a great way to keep me motivated!


  1. Lovely shuttles! Yes, blogging is a good way to keep track and keep on track.

  2. Well, your shuttle collection continues to grow nicely!! :)
    Now that I can see the design in that shawl it looks even more beautiful!! :)
    Great going on your doily!!! :) I have gotten a third of the final round done on my Spring 2014 doily done and have been trying to get another chance to continue.

  3. Beautiful shuttles and work! love the yellow knitting is my favorite :)

  4. You are a busy lady! I really look forward to seeing your completed shawl and the Jan Stawasz is looking wonderful - it will be a masterpiece indeed. :-)

  5. Lovely shuttles. The shawl and doily are also looking good.


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