Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Just a quick post...

The big news in our family is that daughter Joanne went for her first ultrasound yesterday. She was very excited to learn whether she was having a boy or a girl. The answer is... yes! She's having a boy and a girl! This is the first time for twins for both our family and Jan's... quite a surprise for all of us. The babies are due in September. Her original due date was the end of September, but the doctor told her she can expect them to arrive a couple of weeks earlier. I guess I'll be working on baby things this summer!

Dave's been keeping me busy with invoices, which is a good thing! I'm glad to see his business doing so well this spring.

I decided that since there was just a little bit of this thread left on the ball, I'd spend my time crocheting a few button flowers.

Apparently, there was more thread left than I thought! There's still a little left, but I'm tired of crocheting. Besides, some invoices are calling my name!


  1. Congratulations early!! :)
    Great button flowers again!! :)

  2. What fantastic news! Congrats!

  3. That's so exciting. Congratulations!!!

  4. You'd better get cracking, grandmother! - two hanky bonnets, two baby blankies, two of Jane Eborall's storks for their cards......our twin grandchildren have just turned seven, it's going to be so exciting.

  5. I have a fascination with twins and am so jealous that you're going to be a grandma to twins. One year I had four sets of twins in my class for a while. Many congratulations to all of you.

  6. Congratulations what wonderful news, your knitting needles will be busy.

  7. Wow-twins! What a happy thought. And now you'll be doing doubles..........


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