Saturday, January 7, 2017

A slow day...

I feel very lazy today, and I though I hadn't accomplished much However...

It talked to my Mom and caught up on craft and family activities.

I talked to daughter Alison about recipes and lots of nothing.

I helped Dave empty our closed and move everything upstairs so that he could work on our bathroom.

I made breakfast and lunch.

...and I tatted! Not much, but I did tat. This is one pattern repeat of Edging 5 from Heritage Patterns by Norma Benporath. I like the way the pattern flows, but I need to work on picot sizes to determine which size picots are need where in order to make it work as an edging. I think I will be revisiting this pattern!

I managed to fit in another Ice Drop. This one is based on #37 of Patti Duff's Minitats. I'm really lovin' the red and white!

I pulled another one of my little books off the shelf, Nice and Easy Tatted Edgings by Diane DiRosa Biswas. The edging is "Itsy, Bitsy, Baby" and it is super simple! I played around with picot size and spacing a little bit, but I guess I wasn't in the mood to do much experimenting.

I wasn't able to find this book at Handy Hands, Tatting Corner, or Lacis, but I did find 5 copies at DS9 Designs under Catchpin Goods. It's a nice little book for beginners, or someone looking for super simple designs.

Oh, dear! I'm feeling the urge to start another Ice Drop! ;-)


  1. Lovely tatting books and tatting. I think sometimes I should pull out one of my books and just tat a piece just for practice and for the fun of it, rather than always thinking of a project.

  2. Two lovely books, it's nice just to pull out a book and play,
    Lovely ice drop. And I have now finished one will post on FB later.

  3. Our internet has been off for a couple of days. I missed reading about your icedrops and the other things you've been contemplating!

  4. Your always fun to visit and you have most interesting books and love how you are hooked on the snow drops reminded me of you spinning mats😄💟😄

  5. Your 'lazy' day sounds busy and productive to me!

    Really like the red ice drop with the rings and picots!


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