Saturday, January 14, 2017

Practicing split rings

Jane has me practicing split rings... grumble, grumble, gripe. ;-)

Day 2 of her 2017 TIAS is available here.

I still think this is a cheerleader's skirt. Jane has been cheering me on to master split rings for years. I'd be fine if I could skip picots on the second side of the split ring. They lock up on me nearly every time. I'm pretty sure it should not take 25 minutes to tat 4 split rings!


  1. Split rings will open the doors to such a plethora of patterns ! I learned them during the 2014 TIAS.

    1. My real problem is that I avoid patterns with split rings, so I don't get enough practice!

  2. Promise I don't use them in designs to annoy you, Diane!!!!! The more you practice them the easier they get - honest!!!

  3. It looks great, the time it took doesn't show, you could have lied about it ha ha ha😄

  4. As muskann says learning how do tat split rings will open up new doors. I am the same about split chain, I huff and puff and spend ages doing them and it is only because I don't have enough practice.

  5. Keep at it. The more you practice, the better you get and the easier it becomes. Once you've mastered split rings, KEEP practicing. They will open up your tatting to all sorts of wonderful possibilities. You will be glad you persevered.

  6. It's split chains I don't do - split rings are fine! And I thought it was a skirt of some sort too, but I think it's a ballgown, not a cheerleaders outfit. There's just the problem of those picots on the bottom row- too many for dainty dancing shoes to be attached.

  7. I cannot imagine any shuttle tatting. I have only tried needle tatting split rings. I thought "practice practice practice" ended with grade/middle school musical instruments, Oy Vey!!!


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