Sunday, January 1, 2017

Heritage Patterns by Norma Benporath

I really thought I'd spend time looking through tatting books today, but I spent the whole day working with just one, Heritage Patterns by Norma Benporath.

I love this little book! It was a present from Maureen in Australia several years ago. I'm not sure if it's still available or not.

My focus was on the first pattern in the book, Edging 1. I really struggled with this pattern! First, I didn't look at the pattern carefully, so I missed the daisy center for the five ring motif. Not a big deal, right? Since I was just experimenting, I just continued with the pattern and continued, successfully tatting the daisy center, or so I thought. After closing the ring, I read the instructions and realized I was not supposed to reverse my work before tatting the daisy center. Snip!

I started again, and everything seemed to be going fine, but I ran out of thread. Snip!

I rewound my shuttle and proceeded confidently! However, this does not look right at all! I'm sure I'll get back to this pattern and figure it out, but not today. If anyone has tried this pattern and can give me some hints, I'll be happy to try again!

I am not ready to give up on Ice Drops yet! I am having too much fun playing with colors and seeing how everything works together.

I will probably make these all year long!


  1. Don't give up on ice drops - they may become another idea too!!!! Lovely edging - I struggle with the old patterns too even though I cut my teeth on them!!!!

  2. Hmm,these patterns are not as simple as they seem! I hope you can figure it out.

  3. That NB looks like it's going to be lovely! I'm glad to hear that you will continue with the Ice Drops. I'm having fun with them too. I set one down on a snowflake I'd made Saturday evening and my daughter said I should combine them. We'll see....

  4. Looks like a busy start to the new year! Everything looks great!!! :)

  5. A great start to the new year, look forward to seeing what you edge.
    Beautiful ice drops, hoping to get some smaller glass nuggets over the next few days

  6. Glad you're enjoying the book! - and Jane is right, the patterns do take some "translating",but I have seen a few of them on display as made by the Qld Tatters, and they are worth the effort. The bootie pattern is a really practical design.

  7. I am no help on patterns or shuttle tatting. The edging is lovely and I am certain you will master the pattern. Never stop creating your Ice Drops...Please.

  8. The mistaken one on top looks good!
    As to the actual one, I think you have moved in the right direction. Another repeat or two should get you in the right tension and orientation of elements.
    When you make the 5th ring in the daisy, lock join it Again to the same picot. Then move down to make the chain, instead of continuing with chain immediately after closing 5th ring. Voila!

    1. Forgot to add that leave bare thread space as you did in the beginning and join again to base of central ring (it might be a good idea to leave a tiny bit of Mock picot space between chain and central ring right at start) and only then carry on with chain.
      My answer is based solely on the pics, etc. you've shared and have not made this myself.
      Eager to see if it works ...


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