Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Time to clean up

I've been enjoying tatting today, but it's time to start the Christmas clean-up. Once I start, Dave will be more inclined to take over and get it all done quickly! ;-)

I finished up an Ice Drop based on #32 in Patti Duff's Minitats.

I think the back is just as pretty as the front!

I started off my day with another Ice Drop.

I can't really tell you why I have this sudden affinity for pink!

After breakfast, I decided to play with sequins.

Daughters Carol and Joanne should really love this one. Carol's favorite color was always purple when she was little, and Joanne's was pink.

After lunch, I played with Jelly Beans... the thread!

It looks good enough to eat!

I also tried out another Norma Benporath edging, #4.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! The tutorial for Ice Drops is at the top of my page.

  2. Fabulous Ice Drops!!! :)
    Your new fascination with pink must be similar to my fascination with purple(purple iris fusion) and green(Yarnplayer's Celery) since I started tatting.
    That is an awesome looking edging!!! :)

  3. Pink is also having my fascination this month. I love all your Ice Drops. Happy Tatting 2017 Dear...XO

  4. Love all the colours. I finished my first Ice Drop at my lace group and I think I may have started something. ��

  5. I think the back is as pretty as the front also. You've got me hooked on these little ice drops - they are so fun (ADDICTING) to make! I have to gradually experiment with variations - I'm better at following a pattern than designing ;)

  6. Replies
    1. I like them, too. I'm just trying to figure out how to make them like nicely the way Marti on the Ice Drop Addicts page does!

  7. Beautiful ice drops, I like the sequins idea

  8. What I like is that it seems the gem can't fall out, and both sides look attractive.

    It's always sad to take the Christmas stuff down and turn off the lights outdoors. I like the way they light up the entrance to the house on cold dark nights.

    1. Kathy, that's exactly what led me to researching tatting with cabochons. I really like Edda's instructions, but there were a few pieces that seemed too loose to me. I actually took the gem out of one and just have it hanging on the tree as a 3D piece. When I found the needle tatting video, I decided I would try and combine the two ideas which led to my Ice Drop design.

      Christmas isn't coming down too quickly. Dave has started the remodeling of our bathroom, and with all the sanding and sawing he's been doing, we decided to put the Santa collection and the Christmas villages away. He's not allowed to bring too many bins up from the basement at once. Seeing bins around the house sets me on edge. Of course my Ice Drop tree will stay up all year!


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