Sunday, January 15, 2017


I fell asleep with my shuttle in my hand last night. There must have been too much activity during the day. ;-)

Yesterday was costume measurement day for the high school play, Big Fish, which will take place in March. Over half the cast was missing, so I was only there for about an hour. Then I headed out to JoAnn Fabrics to look for yellow material for Mom.

I succeeded in my mission, and then some! Fabric was 50% off, so I was not shy!

I found some pretty pink glass gems at JoAnn's, so I decided to use one right away!

This is the Ice Drop that helped me fall asleep in my chair last night. You'd think those vibrant colors would keep me awake!


  1. Lovely fabric, that will keep you busy for a while with the costumes.
    Lovely ice drops, you know when you are getting old we fall alseep tatting or in my case knitting as well.

  2. Good deal, 50% off! I don't think I've nodded off while tatting or knitting but I do if I'm just watching TV.

  3. I too have nodded off it is a funny thing, I think this means you have an addiction 😄

  4. Wow 50% off!! Love the two rustic colours, browns and oranges. Fab pictures of ice drops too but I'm surprised you could not make them in your sleep by now anyway!!

  5. must have been exhausted. I think you are tatting super fun Ice Drops. I have never met a Diane tatted Ice Drop I haven't fallen in love with!!

  6. You must have been worn out to fall asleep with a shuttle in your hand! I hope it wasn't one with a point! :)


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