Friday, January 6, 2017


I feel famous! Meagan Morrow has posted a YouTube video on how to tat my Ice Drop pattern!

She did a marvelous job, and she tats very much like I do. The only difference between our styles is that on the second side, Meagan folds the ring toward her and moves the ball thread to the back to avoid having to reverse work between rings and chains. I fold the ring away from me and move the ball thread to the front.

The only difference you will see is the orientation of the final ring. Meagan's video clearly shows what to do. I just prefer my way because the orientation of the final ring is more natural for me. I recommend that you try both ways and use the one that works best for you!

I'm still playing with sequins. I've found a method that works for me. Instead of stringing the sequins before winding the shuttle, I added the sequins as I tatted.

Just tat up to the point where you would add the picot. Lay the sequin on top of the thread. I used a size 12 crochet hook and pulled the picot loop up through the hole. Slide the shuttle through the loop and snug it up, just not too tightly. Tat the second half of the double stitch and then continue with the stitch count.

Using sequins does take me more time, but I like the look!

If you have any modifications that might work better, please let me know. I love learning from all of you!


Just like you, I love getting feedback!