Friday, January 13, 2017

Three's the charm!

Despite subbing today, I've managed to tat three more Ice Drops!

I started one before I went to bed last night. Somehow, it seems easier for me to accomplish something during the day if I start it the night before!

This one was started before school and finished after school. I like the look of stacked beads, and I love the crackled look of the glass gem.

While Dave started installing our new kitchen counter top,

I started another Ice Drop. I just finished it a few minutes ago.

And just like that, I have three more Ice Drops in my collection!

Denise sent me a picture of one of her Ice Drops turned into a lapel pin. Isn't that a great idea?


  1. Wow! You probably have a great collection of Ice Drops by now! :)

  2. Three more gorgeous ice drops, they just get better, love the colours

  3. Great colors. I have not ventured into the colors ....yet.

  4. I love the stacked beads ! And great idea, Denise :-)

  5. Your new kitchen will be wonderful...Good job Dave.


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