Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Another one got away!

Yup! Another day got away from me, but at least I know why today.

I spent quite a bit of time looking through tatting books for Ice Drop ideas. I also spent a lot of time looking up ideas for my sewing students. I do love research!

So, I only finished one Ice Drop today. I'm okay with that, because today was a thoroughly enjoyable day!


  1. I love looking through tatting books for patterns to repurpose. I know the feeling of getting lost in all of the ideas!

  2. Ahl, that's the librarian talking. Mind you, I'm not a librarian and I also like doing research!

  3. There's those who love looking t books and those who don't, you could call it a research day, lovely ice drop

  4. Did you find any ideas....I was looking though one of my books and saw a star pattern that would or could be nice but I was actually looking for split rings directions so I could brush up. I managed to make a Heart with gem yesterday...picture will be posted later today.

    1. I tried two hearts, and they were total disasters. I just snipped them off and threw them out! I was looking for something larger like the star my friend Denise tatted from the Vida Sunderman book (I still haven't found that book!). I think my problem was that I tried to adjust stitch counts to force a pattern to work. I think I'm better off sticking to my own design and some of the Patti Duff motifs!

  5. Looking forward to your research being put to good use :-) I love flipping through books, too, whether the few tatting ones I have or the others ! They are so inspiring even if I don't do all the projects

  6. I have just made an ice drop following your tutorial... I enjoyed it but I have still to give it some other go... I guessed I am hooked like many others which makes me an addict and you a dealer :p


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