Thursday, January 26, 2017

Shamrock love

St. Patrick's Day will be here before we know it, so it's been easy to focus on greens!

This one was finished early this morning, and I'm tempted to keep it for myself!

I had fun playing with fabric again today, making a pin cushion and two more pocket tissue holders.

I finished the Masquerade motif from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior.  I do like the way it turned out, but I got to thinking that maybe it's a bit too fiddly for a runner.

Rather than dwell on the motif, I decided to tat another St. Patrick's Day Ice Drop.

It's so much fun choosing charms for the backs of the Ice Drops.

In my search for a motif that's less fiddly for my sister-in-law's runner, I tried this one from Jan Stawasz's Tatted Treasures.

This is another contender for the runner, but I decided to keep searching.

My next test tat was Eightsome Reel from Mary Konior's A Pattern Book of Tatting.

I think I'll do a bit more searching and test tatting, but this might be the motif I choose. It's simple enough to remember (important for tatting multiple motifs), yet it has enough interest that I don't think I'd become bored with it. The best part of this project is looking through my books, one of my favorite pastimes!


  1. Wonderful motifs and Ice Drops!!! :)
    Great sewing projects!! :)

  2. What I liked about Masquerade was that it made new, interesting spaces where the squares joined. It's fun to search and sample, I hope you find exactly the right thing for the project!

  3. Lovely motifs, searching and research is all part of deciding what pattern to do next. They all look lovely for a runner.
    Love your green ice drops

  4. Enjoying your search for the right motif and I like the tinted green ice drops ! You do accomplish so very much :-)

  5. Your ice drops are pretty. The green one looks a little like a turtle. Maybe you could make it that way.

  6. Love your Shamrock Ice Drops in variegated greens and those uber cute charms. Tatting samples from your many books to get just the right pattern looks like a lot of work and time, however you do get just what you want in the end. Happy Tatting!


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