Sunday, March 25, 2018

Binging on crochet

This weekend Dave has been busy working on our bathroom, a project he started about a year ago. I'm his errand girl, and I figured it would be easier to work on a crochet project than a tatting project. I was right!

This is Virus Meets Granny Shawl from Fiber Spider on YouTube. I really like the way this video tutorial is presented. It's divided into three parts. The first part walks you through the virus pattern. The second part shows you how to transition into the granny portion. The third portion shows how to transition back into the virus pattern. I used one ball of Lion Brand Yarn Mandala in the Gnome colorway. Denise told me that some of the colors are on clearance at our Walmart for $3 a ball... such a deal!

I finally finished the last of the three pink Ice Drops I worked on while subbing Friday. I was so determined to finish the shawl this weekend, I didn't tat at all yesterday. That doesn't happen very often.

More than ten years ago, I stumbled upon a clearance sale of Lion Brand Wool-Ease. I love Wool-Ease! My plan was to crochet afghans for family members. It never happened. Today I decided it was time to start on my afghan project. I need to either use my yarn stash or give it up. It does me no good sitting in bins.

This is my all-time-favorite afghan pattern, Park Avenue. I'll crochet six panels in this color, Wood. I'll then add borders in another color and join the panels.

I purchased this book when it came out in 1996. There is a child's sweater in the book that I made years ago. Otherwise, the only pattern I've ever used is Park Avenue. Maybe I should give some of the others a try!


  1. Park avenue in "wood" is just beautiful!

  2. Your shawl is awesome and gorgeous!!! :)
    Great Ice Drop!! :)
    I can't wait to see that afghan when it's done! The design looks wonderful!! :)

  3. Yes, crochet is definitely easier than tatting to pick up and put down. Love that shawl! I look forward to seeing more of your afghans.


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