Friday, March 16, 2018

Round 8

I finished round 8 of Renulek's Wiosna 2018. It's pinned out because I needed to steam it to get it to lie flat. I think I need to snip this round off and re-tat it with larger picots for joining the rings. See how they're stretched out? I don't think I like that look. Seeing Jane's with slightly larger picots, I realize that the rounded look is so much better. What do you think? Should I snip or move on?

Since I didn't tat an Ice Drop yesterday, I decided to tat two today. I do love blue!


  1. I love how colorful your doily is!!! :)
    Wonderful Ice Drops!! :)

  2. It's a lot of work to redo. And I'm not yet certain my method is going to work! It's on hold for the moment while I finish the hankie edging.

  3. Oh dear, I feel your pain, in my opinion if something has to be pinned out and forced to lie flat there is a big problem that will not go away. However to snip off a round at this stage is quite devastating. Not an easy decision.

  4. I am so far behind and have missed lots. Your shopping is fun and your shawl is lovely. I always love your Ice Drops and every new shuttle you acquire. This doily is beautiful and I would not want to snip and re-tat. Glad you are safe from your snowstorm.

  5. Diane, I just finished round 8 and had the same problem. I don't like longer picots. Mine is laying ok after a little pressing. Hopefully round 9 won't be that way, but I am going to ease up on the chains to be sure. Yours does look good!


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