Saturday, March 10, 2018


This weekend the Grant Park High School Drama Club is presenting Curtains, the musical comedy whodunit. My friend Denise met Joanne, Sophia, and me at the school for last night's performance. The kids did a great job!

I was so wound up when I got home. I stayed up until 11:30, which is really late for me, and I had a very hard time falling asleep. I kept thinking over parts of the play so that I know what to watch for tonight!

Once again, Sophia chose colors and a shuttle for an Ice Drop. Her favorite color yesterday was pink, and she chose the blue ribbon because she knows that it's my favorite color. I'm going to miss my little helper/model when she heads home tomorrow!

Yes, I am showing off another pretty shuttle from Rita Richmond of Shuttle by Design. I love the pretty flowers, and of course I love to tat!

Joanne and the kids had great fun looking for Ice drops and Spinning Wheel glass mats to take home with them to Minnesota. Joanne is guessing that my supply of Ice Drops has been depleted by about 75. I am so glad to have homes for my pretty tatted items!


  1. Enjoy the play. Wonderful that your tatting has an appreciative home to go to!

  2. Yes I agree with Jane above and love those shuttles by design too!

  3. Looks like great family time!! :)


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