Saturday, March 31, 2018

Liz Metallic Sand Dollar

I think this may be my favorite color of the Liz Metallic threads, Sand Dollar.

I wish you could see this one in person. It is beautiful! I'm not real fond of this Aerlit bobbin shuttle. I think it needs to be broken in. It's very stiff, and I did not enjoy using it. Does anyone use these on a regular basis? I would love to know the secret to enjoying them. If it moved as smoothly as my LaCossette shuttles, I would use them more often.

I should have taken this picture sooner when there was still some daylight coming in. These are all the Ice Drops I tatted in March, 33 in all. Looks like I made up for the two missing ones in February! ;-)


  1. That does look a pretty colour Liz metallic. I'm hoping to buy one or two balls in two week's time. Aerlit vary. Try a different bobbin in it. Best of all are the Aero bobbin shuttles or the new Clover bobbins.

    1. I do like the new Clover bobbins, and the Aero bobbins I have work pretty well. I had high hopes for the Aerlits, but so far I haven't enjoyed using them.

  2. I love seeing the new metallic threads tatted up. Did you buy all the colours? Like Jane, I'm hoping to buy some in the next few weeks.

  3. It does look a very pretty thread. Well done for reaching (exceeding!) your target.

  4. Oh Sand dollar love that name and beautiful tree Happy Easter 🐇🐣🐇

  5. You temptress Diane, these threads are gorgeous, think I may have to ask Jane to get me some when she sees a someone who stocks them in a few weeks time

  6. I’ve been watching to see if those metallic threads tat as nicely as they are beautiful! I can’t decide which colors I might . . . uuuuum . . . need. As for the Aerlits - I carry one in my tatting bag just for winding bobbins for my LaCossette shuttles 😬

  7. En este color dorado es genial!!!!

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