Sunday, March 18, 2018

Crochet Sunday

It looked like I was pretty close to the end of my ball of Mandala yarn, so I decided to concentrate on finishing my Middle of the Road Scarf. Mine isn't quite like Susan Pinner's. The yarn she used changes color more frequently and has little flecks of white in it. I may break down and try to get some of that yarn (James C Brett, Northern Lights), but since I have to send to England for it, I was happy to use what was readily available.

I cut off the crocheted button that was at the tip of the triangle. Mine wasn't very clean looking, and because the colors of the Mandala yarn are not flecked like the yarn used in the original pattern, it didn't have the same interest. I will practice making those crocheted buttons, because I think they look really cool.

It's been a while since I've crocheted with yarn, and I wasn't happy with the way my edges looked. So, I single crocheted around the scarf and then finished off with slip stitching through the back loop. I'm not sure that blocking will do much good since this is an acrylic yarn, but I may give it a try anyway.

Of course, I had to tat an Ice Drop today! This one is in size 20 Lizbeth Orange Crush, #183. I love my new Russian doll shuttle!


  1. great blog.thanks for sharing it.

  2. Beautiful ice drop and I love that shuttle,
    I am sure your crochet was not that bad, I like the sound of the wool "northern lights". That's where we are heading in January,

  3. Your scarf looks wonderful!! :)
    I love that Ice Drop!!! :)

  4. It may not be quite the same as the original, but your scarf looks great, good job.


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