Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Fast service

I took one of my sewing machines in to be cleaned yesterday, and I was able to pick it up today. That's what I call fast service!

Quilt shops are dangerous places for me. This wall hanging caught my eye.

This table runner also appealed to me. Of course I bought the fabric to make both!

I had quite an adventure when I got home. I found no house keys in my purse! I called Dave, but he was out making deliveries and was too far away to help me get in. Luckily, daughter Carol had her house key with her, so I headed in to school to get it. Rather than drive all the way home, I went to the hardware store to have a spare key made. After the key was made, I was chatting with Scott (the owner), and when I was ready to leave I reached in to my pocket for my car keys. I felt keys in my pocket, and then realized I had keys on my other hand. I went through all that hoopla, and my house keys were in my pocket all the time! Scott and I got a good laugh out of that!

I still had some tablecloths to finish up left from dinner theater the other night, so I worked on household chores in the afternoon. I'm sure you can guess by now that I worked on an Ice Drop here and there throughout the afternoon... another frilly one for Joanne!


  1. Hey those shuttles looks very familiar I love them 😉
    And the quilts are something my mother really got into she showed me lots of quilting tricks and I don't use them that often but love going to quilt shops

  2. At least you know the keys aren't in someone else's hand! Those quilts are irresistible, I look forward to seeing your versions.

  3. Those are some beautiful quilted pieces! I am sure yours will be fabulous!! :)
    Keys can be a huge problem, thank goodness you found yours!! :)
    Great Ice Drop!!! :)

  4. Wow - that is fast service! Quilt shops are dangerous for me too - I just signed up for a Kaffe Fassett lecture. That's some fabric I can't pass up lately. Love those frilly ice drops!

  5. It's called a senior moment, at least you have a spare key.
    Beautiful ice drop and shuttle, I admired the shuttle on Facebook

  6. Is the seasons quilt a preprinted panel? I really like that one.

  7. Amazing quilts! Looking forward to see yours :)
    That key story is totally something that could have happened to me! Most of the things I spend time looking for are right in front of me :/


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