Tuesday, March 6, 2018

FIMO shuttles

Lisa Adams of Tatting Corner contacted me recently and asked if I'd be willing to test some new FIMO shuttles that Ayumi Horiai was sending her as samples. Of course I said yes!

You knew that I'd tat Ice Drops, didn't you?

The smaller of the two shuttles is about an inch and a half long.

The shuttles are rather thick, but that didn't seem to make much difference. I was easily able to wind 5 yards of size 20 thread on this shuttle.

Sophia fell in love with this shuttle. I have to admit, it caught my eye also!

This one is slightly longer.

It's about the same thickness as the smaller shuttle. I wound a good six yards of size 20 thread on this shuttle, and I could have easily added more, but I didn't need any more. In fact, I only needed about half of what I wound on to the shuttle.

So, here are my thoughts on these shuttles. I had seen information on them before Lisa contacted me, and I really didn't think I'd be interested in them. However, once I saw them in person, I fell in love! They are so colorful!

The smaller shuttle was a little too small for me, so I kept dropping it. My hands aren't tiny, but they aren't large either. They're about 6 1/2" from the heel of my hand to the tip of my middle finger. So, when purchasing, I know to order the larger shuttle for myself.

The shuttles have a nice weight to them, and I was really surprised at how much thread they each held. I thought the small one would only hold about three yards, and it held a generous five yards.

The surface of the shuttles is not super smooth, which was good for gripping. The texture of the shuttles did slow me down a little, but not to the point where it was irritating. From what Lisa has told me, Ayumi is still working on refining these shuttles, and there is a possibility that there will be some kind of coating to make the surface smoother.

It will be fun to keep an eye on Lisa's shop and see what goodies come from Japan!


  1. You're the ideal person to test shuttles!

  2. Sweet shuttles!! :) Great Ice Drop!! :)

  3. Ahh those are so cute,💚 I wonder if she could take those beautiful slices of pretty things and apply them to my invisible shuttles 🦋😄🦋?

  4. FIMO shuttles sound like an interesting idea. I wonder if she can make the two sides thinner or she is afraid they would be more fragile like that...

    1. I know nothing about working with any kind of clay, but you may be right!

  5. Fimo shuttles? They are very colorful and pretty. You prove you can tat with any shuttle ever created. Does NASA make any shuttles for tatting??? LOL. Just being silly me...


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