Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Just another Tuesday

Today was a sub day, so I had limited time for crafting.


I did make one twisted headband when I got home. This is in Big Twist Heather, Beige. I love the color of this yarn, but it is another that will be used only for hand knitting or crochet projects. My machine did not like it at all.

Dave came home while Mom and I were cranking, and he surprised me with this three foot tall gnome. He said he saw it a couple of weeks ago and decided I had to have it. Isn't he handsome? I do love my gnomes!

This is one of my mom's projects. She's cranking out cowls that can be twisted twice around the neck. The fabric is wonderful, and soon the females in the family will all have matching cowls!


  1. The machine is quite versatile then. I don’t think I’d like a life size gnome, but I think it’s wonderful that Dave found it for you.

    1. When I finish making twisted headbands, I've found a gnome pattern I'd like to try... a little gnome!

  2. The cowl is very pretty. It's nice that you can make various thing with the knitting machine. The gnome is quite impressive!

  3. Awwww, just LOVE your gnome. OR is it Dave in a gnome costume?!?!?

  4. I love seeing what you crank out! This morning at dawn, there was an old contrail in the sky that looked twisted, just like the headbands you're making. That was cool....but what was really cool was that Venus was shining brightly right opposite of the twist!!!


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