Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Leftover yarn


With all the twisted headbands I've been making, I'm starting to accumulate a good stash of leftovers. Yesterday I was asked if I could make Chapstick holders. I'd never made them before, but I figured it was worth a try. They work up pretty quickly, and the high school kids seem pretty excited about them.

Brighton Road is one of the color combos I really like. I wasn't going to buy any more yarn, but I just couldn't resist !


  1. Wow, excellent way to use up your leftovers! Yes, irresistible colourway.

  2. Love the little lip salve holders. Must make some myself.

  3. They look great!! :)
    So are those chapstick holders crocheted? They look a little different from the knitting.
    You sure are on a crafting roll!! :)

  4. Chapstick holders, how quaint! They look very cute!

  5. I thought they were cobs of corn! For Autumn decoration. LOL


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