Sunday, October 1, 2023

Losing track

By not posting since Thursday, I've lost track of what I've done! Needless to say, there's been a whole lot of cranking going on.

My sister Janet arrived Friday afternoon. She helped Mom and me untangle some yarn, so on Saturday I helped her in the yard. Fair is fair!

Mom is still working on her hat project on the Sentro 48.

Mom did some experimenting with fingering weight acrylic on the Sentro 48, and made this beautiful cowl for my sister Janet. We all liked it so much, that Mom has starting taking orders from granddaughters.

Mom had this beautiful yarn that just did not work well in the machine, but she was able to hand knit this gorgeous cable headband for Janet. I'm next in line!

I can't remember the order in which these were made, and I may have even posted some of the pics before.  This is Lion Brand Mandala Ombre, Joy.

I have no idea what this one is! Let's just call it pretty. I just found the tag! It's called Mint Tea.

This is I Love This Yarn, Moody Mosaic.

This is I Love This Yarn, Strawberry Jam.

My order of Dakota (I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby) arrived yesterday. One headband is for daughter Andrea, and the other is for a former student. Luckily, I ordered several skeins of this. This is probably the most popular color I've made, and I do plan to make more!


  1. You and your mother have been making very pretty knitted things!

  2. I can see why it’s popular, though I like the speckled look too. And love the lightweight cowl.

  3. Beautiful projects. Adore the cables....

  4. Wow!!! Lots of crafting going on there!!! :) Everything looks terrific!! :)


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