Thursday, February 23, 2017

Minty Fudge improved!

Thanks to suggestions from tatting friends, I no have a Minty Fudge Ice Drop that I love! Several people suggested beads at the top of the frilly rings, which I totally agreed with. The suggestion that had the biggest impact was from muskaan, who suggested longer chains.

Although I was not careful in snugging up my chains, I think all will agree that there is a vast improvement over my first version. Thank you all, dear tatting friends, and a special thanks to muskaan!


  1. Looks awesome!! :)
    Now, maybe you could go back to the other one and add beads and chains to spruce it up possibly.

  2. Love it !!!! You did such a fantastic job of transformation :-)

    1. Thanks for your suggestion! It made a tremendous difference!

  3. No matter which, your tatting is wonderful.


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