Sunday, February 26, 2017

Have you ever woken up with an idea you just had to try? I did today. Although I had my shuttles ready for a different Ice Drop, I decided to go with my idea, and I'm glad I did!

This is another variation of my Pink Fudge Ice Drop. I really like this pattern, and the addition of small beads on the side rings adds just the perfect amount of bling!

So, what was the Ice Drop I abandoned? This one. The Fudge Dark thread hides the pink of the glass gem, but it's really pretty in person.

It's easy to come up with new color combinations with bowls and vases filled with glass gems everywhere I look! This is a glow-in-the-dark gem from Hobby Lobby. I'll have to go in a dark room to see if it really does glow.

I picked up my sister-in-law's runner again today. It's been well over a week since I worked on it. I do like the way the pattern goes together.

As I was straightening up my tatting supplies, I spied these little pearl beads, and I just had to tat one more Ice Drop for the day.

The big question is, will I take some time off and relax tonight or will I tat some more? Stay tuned!


  1. I love your newest Ice Drop design. The addition of the liittle beads is lovely. The runner is coming along nicely. Relax or Tat??? Hmmm...<3

  2. Yes, I like those little beads on the side.

  3. I like the pearls on the ice drop, and the different combos you are coming up with.
    The runner is looking great, lovely pattern
    Rest or tat, I bet it was tat

  4. They are beautiful, can I have the brown and green one? 😄🌹😄 I promise I would take good care of it😄

  5. More great Ice Drops!!! :)
    For your clear beads a suggestion might be to take a picture with white cloth or paper behind to see if it shows the color of the gem.
    That runner looks wonderful already!!! :)


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