Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Caught snoozin'

I guess that flu bug hit me a little harder than I had thought. After a day of subbing, sewing class, and a quick supper, I fell fast asleep in my chair.

While I was relaxing and recuperating on Monday, I focused on St. Patrick's Day themed Ice Drops.

One of my tatting friends had suggested dangling the charm from the bottom of the tatting. Well, I tried it. I think it looks okay, but it just doesn't appeal to me.

I do enjoy playing with different colored glass gems and ribbons.

When I use a charm that I think is too big for the front, I add it to the back. I really can leave the charms off, but many of my friends and relatives like the charms, and I'm happy to add them for their pleasure!

My dining room table has turned in to Sewing Central! The three girls I teach have their permanent work stations. One of the moms has joined the group, and she brings her own machine.

We're currently working on Origami Pouches using my favorite tutorial. The tutorial calls for two layers of fabric, but we're making our first bags using cloth napkins that Mom found and sent my way. Using the napkins eliminates part of the process and gives a nice sturdy fabric for my students to practice their sewing skills.


  1. Lovely green ice drops, ideal for st Patrick's day. Love the charm I think it's nice where you usually put it, not hanging from the bottom,
    Hope you don't need your sewing table in a hurry.

  2. Yes, dangling from the bottom doesn't look right. Wow, your sewing classes are expanding, great. It does take longer than we think to get over 'flu, hope you're soon back to full fitness!

  3. I hope you get to full recovery soon! There have been a lot of schools closed around here due to the sicknesses.
    Your Ice Drops all look fabulous!!! Even the one with the charm on the bottom! I believe someone will love it even if it's not your favorite! :)

  4. Same here, and love the sewing and snowdrop.


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