Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Bowl tatting

I enjoy football when it's on, but I don't consider myself a fanatic. If there's something better to do, I do it. Dave's the same way.

So, we did turn on the Super Bowl last night. While it was on, I tatted and Dave watched videos on installing floor tiles. At about 8:30, I went to bed... I was tired!

I'm still thinking green! Although blue remains my favorite color, green is right up there in my top five. I'm not sure what the top five are... I'm just giving myself a little leeway! ;-)

I tatted the first motif for my sister-in-law's runner. The thread is size 20 Lizbeth #693, Linen Med.

I finished off the evening with another Valentine's Ice Drop. I'm happy if I manage to tat one each day, but I'm thrilled if I manage to tat two!


  1. The runner is going to be very elegant in that thread. I sometimes watch sporting finals, but like you I'm not fanatical and usually do something else at the same time. Do you have a total for how many icedrops you've made?

  2. Yes, the runner motif is beautiful and you could connect all the snow drops together and make a beautiful window curtain that would sparkle 😄

  3. The MK pattern is lovely. Your tatting is awesome!!! We had the game on, were not cheering for either side until I found out one of the players was an IU Alum -- who scored a TD. that is fun - We also heard about another player who was in a book club (cbs news bit) that was interesting. Otherwise, meh.... catching up on TIAS - have day 10 going

  4. Love the color for the runner....


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