Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Fudge Dk to be exact!

It was right next to my favorite chair, and I could see lovely blue glass gems over on the coffee table. I thought they'd make a beautiful combination, and I think I was right! The pattern is a variation on the Ice Drop.

Mary Donohue had shown something similar on the Ice Drop Addicts page on Facebook. I wanted to try her pattern, but my Internet connection was so slow this morning, I decided to try and do it from memory. Mine isn't exactly like Mary's, but it's close enough! Thank you for the inspiration, Mary!

I added another motif to my runner project today. I wonder how many motifs I'll get out of one ball of thread? I guess I'll find out!

This silver glass gem just called out for the silver and white ribbon.

I'm surprised at how much I like the white gem with this thread. So far, I have 16 Ice Drops out of my ball of Lizbeth #153, Rainbow Taffy. It's kind of fun to try and make each one different while determining how many can be made from one ball of thread!


  1. Love the new Ice Drop design!!! :)
    Love seeing how quickly you seem to be tatting that runner!! :)
    And more wonderful Ice Drops!!! :)

  2. I guess none of us will be getting tired of Ice Drops anytime soon with all the creative tatter in our group.

  3. Beautiful ice drops, I think we will be going for some time before we stop making ice drops, I like your design not quite the same as Mary's but I do like it. 16 already out of one ball and still going I wonder how many you will get out.
    The runner is coming along nicely. Looking good

  4. The dark icedrop is really striking!

  5. Love the fudge one. Really nice.

  6. Yum to the Fudge Ice Drop. Your runner is stunning. How fun to follow your tatting and thread adventures. <3

  7. Oh this fudge drop is a real beauty it has an excellent look I think this is a favorite one for me wow😄💟😄🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️

  8. It's kind of a coincidence that your fudge drop also mimics the design in your dresser scarf! It would be fun to give your sister-in-law a similar ice drop in the same thread as the runner. Of course, you've probably already thought of that!


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