Thursday, February 9, 2017

A tatting filled day!

I started my day finishing another Eightsome Reel motif for my sister-in-law's runner.

Then I decided to move on to Ice Drops. I had a new ball of Lizbeth #153, Rainbow Taffy sitting by my chair. Keeping with the basic pattern, I managed to tat five Ice Drops today.

All five are tatted in Rainbow Taffy, but I used different glass gems, ribbons, and charms for each one. This adorable bird charm was too large for the front, so I put it on the back.

I love this turquoise gem! 💕

The leaf charm seemed perfect for the green glass gem.

This glass gem is gold with peach undertones... really pretty!

This glass gem looks more pink than purple in person.

Here are all five together. I wonder how many Ice Drops can be made with one ball of thread? Maybe I'll keep going with this ball so that I can find out! :-)


  1. I love every thing the rainbow taffy with the yellow stone is so cute!

  2. Looks like good progress on the runner!! :)
    Fabulous fun Ice Drops!!! :)

  3. Good idea because rainbow taffy is perfect for icedrops!


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