Friday, February 24, 2017

Root Beer Fudge

The glass gem reminds me of root beer, so this is a Root Beer Fudge Ice Drop!


  1. Very pretty. If you have another root beer gem, why not pair it with cream or ecru thread and make a root beer ice cream soda?

    1. Great minds think alike! My only problem is that I'm constantly craving something to eat or drink! ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Now I just need to work on my chains so that they're more consistent.

  3. Ooh, they're getting more and more wow!

  4. I feel like Rip van Winkle, as I somehow have missed all of your posts since Feb. 15! Glad you're feeling better, although it's too bad your daughter's trip had to be cut short! What a great memory your 'sewing kids' will have of taking your classes. And it's vwonderful that your Mom has so many hobbies!

    These 'drops' keep getting more and more impressive! So many options!


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