Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cousin love

Do you have cousins who live close by? I did when I was little. I grew up in Philadelphia, and my cousins Pam and Debbie lived in Upper Darby, not too far away from us. Their sister Laura was born around the time we moved from Philadelphia to Chicago. My cousins Scott and Eric lived in the same neighborhood as us, but they were ten and twelve years younger than me.

When I was in high school, we took a trip to Colorado to visit my Uncle Walter and Aunt Josie. It was great fun! Most of us met up again for my grandparents' 50th anniversary when I was in college. About 15 years or so ago, Dave and I took a vacation to Colorado and met up with Aunt Josie and some of my Colorado cousins again.

I also have cousins in Texas. I've met Nancy and Ann, but haven't met my cousin Brian yet... some day!

Despite the fact that we don't live anywhere near each other, I feel a bond with my cousins. Family stories have reinforced that bond over the years, and I am very grateful to be part of such a loving family!

Recently, my cousin Trish and I reconnected on Facebook. There are many things I do not like about Facebook, but one thing I do like is that I have been able to keep in touch with relatives around the country. We may not communicated directly very often, but we do have a way of keeping up with what's going on in the family.

Trish has been a great admirer of all the handwork that my mom and I have done. She makes us feel like super stars!

The other day, I received a Rita Richmond shuttle in the mail from Trish. I was totally surprised!

What better way is there to show my appreciation than to tat an Ice Drop? Thank you again, Trish!

I finished Jane's TIAS this morning. I never would have guessed that it was a Crinoline Lady! I still see a fancy letter D in there, but there are no signs of the jellyfish that I guessed at one point. :-)

I'm making slow but steady progress on my sister-in-law's runner. If I tat one motif a day, I think this will take me about two months to make. I'm enjoying the square motif, so maybe I'll experiment with some other square patterns that I have!


  1. Interesting post! I agree that Facebook is a great way to stay connected with family. I lived far away from my cousins, also, but our parents did make the effort to visit as often as they could, so we did get to bond. As keeper of our family tree, I appreciate being able to put faces to names of the younger generation(s), most of whom I have never met!

    That's a delightful shuttle from your cousin, in the perfect colors for Valentine's Day!

    Your TIAS 'lady' is one of the best renditions I've seen. The Jelly Bean thread is perfect! The final addition of the arm really 'pulls it together'! I'm guessing she's about 3 inches high. It looks so cute on your laptop! It seems that most of these 'crinoline lady' patterns are larger, so it's great to see a miniature version.

    What I like about the square motif is that there are only two connections per side. It will be interesting to follow your progress.

  2. Oh yes, I definitely have a bond with my cousins. I'm not very near any of them now, so I also appreciate Facebook for helping us keep in touch. What a lovely gift that has an extra special meaning for you, coming from a cousin. Such an array of splendid ladies has appeared!

  3. Facebook is good in some ways and keeping up with friends, I personally don't have any family on my side, I am connected with some of Vernon's family.
    Lovely shuttle and another lovely ice drop.
    Love the square motifs in gold

  4. I never grew up with cousins and now I have none living that I know of. Lovely Crinoline Lady you have tatted. I do see the Fancy D.


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