Saturday, February 25, 2017

Another Pink Fudge variation

One of the ladies on the Ice Drop Addicts page on Facebook mentioned that she tats the decorative round before tatting the round that encases the glass gem. I encase the glass gem and then tat the decorative round.

This time, I decided to try Nancy's way. I felt that it took me longer to finish the Ice Drop this way, but that's probably because I've developed a rhythm for completing the Ice Drops my way. One thing I did notice is that although this glass gem is slightly larger than some of the others, it fit very nicely. I think that's because the chain that surrounds the gem does not fit as snugly.

In any case, I really like the way this turned out. Did you notice the pink in the beads? Who says pink and orange don't go together? Not I!


  1. This is fantastic, your really bringing these things to a higher level they are gorgeous 💟🌹💟

  2. You certainly can't tell any difference from the final result, so I guess whatever works for the tatter is fine. This one is lovely too, I really like your fudge series!

  3. Hey, I never said pink and orange don't go together either ;-P Now pink & red is a whole other story for me !


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