Sunday, February 12, 2017

I knew it wouldn't work...

I've used these beach-themed beads before, and I knew they were too big for the Ice Drops. However, as you can see, I just had to give it one more try. I think I'll put these beads away now. I'll find another use for them, just not with Ice Drops!

Despite taking a very long nap this afternoon, I managed to tat another motif for my sister-in-law's runner. I really am enjoying tatting this pattern in this color!


  1. Do you know how many motifs you'll need for the runner, or will you just stop when it looks right?

    1. I've calculated that it needs to be 3 motifs x 21 motifs. However since math is not my forte, I will be measuring as I go along, especially once I get to 19 or 20 motifs in length!

  2. Young ones would love the larger beads on the Ice Drops!!! :)
    You could tat some bracelets for young girls with those beads! :)
    Your mat is progressing wonderfully!! :)

  3. The runner is looking good, and your ice drop is beautiful just not the beads, I am sure you will find a use for them on something else


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