Saturday, November 19, 2016

Because they're blue!

I didn't need another set of Clover picot gauges, nor did I need any more Clover shuttles. However, when I saw this beautiful blue set, I just had to order it. They came all the way from Japan, and they came very quickly. So, now I have two sets of Clover picot gauges, one in brown and one in blue. I hope they don't come out with any other colors that I just have to have!

A couple of more Ice Drops have been added to my little silver tree.

I used up the spool of 1/8" satin ribbon I had, and I decided to switch to grosgrain ribbon for a different look. I like it!

My progress on this Spinning Wheel glass mat is slow, mainly because I haven't been home much this week. Have I told you how much I love my Rita Richmond shuttles?

Today I received a lovely note from Eliz with this beautiful little snowflake enclosed. I love the block tatting, but I still haven't tried it myself. Now that I have this beautiful example, maybe I'll take the time to give it a try. Thank you, Eliz!

Another thank you goes out to Sherry of Createology. How did she know that I love Swarovski crystals? The bracelet will be the perfect accessory when I dress up for family get-togethers during the holiday season. I plan to use the dragonfly and angel as scissor fobs on my favorite embroidery scissors. Have I told you I collect pretty scissors? Maybe I'll show you my collection some day!


  1. Can I say I'm blue-green with envy ;-D
    Love all you've shared !

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!
    Great set, and more fabulous Ice Drops!!!
    Great gifted snowflake!!! And all your wonderful surprises!!! :)

  3. I can see why blue is your fav, those gauges are lovely. And who doesn't love Swarovski crystals.

  4. I LOVE those picot gauges with matching shuttles! I haven't ever seen that set before, but it's wonderful. Your ice drops are so sweet - and great surprises. I still haven't tried the block tatting either, but it looks so nice on so many things. And who doesn't love Swarovski crystals?

  5. What a lovely set! The colour makes me think of an icedrop, like your decorations. Ooh, yes, please, I'd like to see your scissor collection.

  6. B L U E ! ! ! I had ordered, have not received. How exciting ; )

  7. This is a beautiful set and a perfect Christmas gift! I too have purchased this now as a gift and couldn't resist buying one for myself. Along with a couple of the chrystal clear shuttles that I also just had to have. Expensive blog post this :-)

  8. Your blue set is so pretty. Lovely snowflake from Eliz. Love your Ice Drops. I am thrilled you like your Swarovski bracelet and charms. YES, YES, YES...Please share your scissor collection.


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