Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Don't laugh too hard!

Tomorrow I'm subbing for one of the p.e. teachers! I am the least likely person to lead a physical education class. I sprained my thumb during a basketball class in high school. I broke my toe walking across a linoleum floor in college. When my girls were in school, I was hit in the face with a basketball and broke my glasses. Dave and I joined a couples volleyball league at church, where I was again hit in the face and broke my glasses. I am uncoordinated and have a very slow reaction time, but I know I will have a great time with the kids tomorrow!

However, with p.e. classes, I know I will not have time to sit and tat. Sigh! I guess I shouldn't have taken the day off today. ;-)

I did manage to tat two more Ice Drops.

I'm not sure if this glass gem is slightly smaller than the others or if I tatted a little more loosely. The bezel tatting is definitely not as snug as it is on the others. Small picots and nice snug tatting is a must for these pieces.

I hope some of you are trying this technique. It really is enjoyable! You can find excellent directions in Edda Guastalla's downloadable file on Etsy. I'll have to keep looking at blogs to see if anyone else is going in the fun!


  1. I have tried this technique and went too large ended up turning it into a hat for a dollhouse bunny. Well hope gym class goes much better this time 😄

  2. I can't wait to see your Ice Drop tree!!! :)
    I was no good in P.E. either.

  3. That is an amusing story! Be careful out there, and be careful of your wrist! This 'retirement' of yours seems to be on 'hold', although it is so great that you don't have to do lesson plans! I love that you have time to tat!

    The icedrops are going to look so great on your tree! Are the gems like those discs that come in the craft stores for filling vases?

    1. Yes, Kathy, the gems are for filling vases. I am finding that some are larger or smaller than what I've been using, so I will have to learn how to make adjustments.

  4. Ah, your sporting abilities sound similar to mine! I hope the lesson goes smoothly, even if you don't get any tatting done.

  5. Oh Dear I do hope you have a safe subbing day for P.E.
    I am certain all flat marbles are not the same exact size.
    I would love to tat some Ice Drops if I could find a Needle Tatting pattern. I haven't succeeded at the shuttle...yet. Talk about fingers just can not flip that shuttle stitch.


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