Saturday, November 12, 2016

Going for the gold!

It was a beautiful, clear, crisp day here in Illinois. We spent most of the day at daughter Carol's house finishing cutting down the tree that we started on last week. The piles of brush in this picture are what would not fit in Dave's truck today. Unfortunately, brush pickup is over for the year, so it looks like we'll be making multiple trips to Carol's house. I'm sure the village and her neighbors would frown upon piles of brush in her yard until the next pickup in April.

The emerald ash borer completely killed two of her trees, and it looks like the two left in the front yard and the one left in the back yard will have to be taken down next year. Those three will have to be taken down by professionals because of their proximity to Carol's and her neighbors' houses. The trees were so beautiful when Carol moved in five years ago. It's really sad to see them die.

I finished one more Ice Drop before we left for Carol's this morning.

When we finished unloading the truck, I decided to go for the gold!

I really am enjoying choosing beads for embellishing these little gems. When I run out of beads, which won't be any time soon, I may even try some more of Edda Guastalla's ideas!


  1. It's a pity when a loved tree dies, perhaps she will be able to replace it with something else just a nice.
    Lovely ice drops they just keep looking as lovely as the last.

  2. I like the gold! What a shame to lose trees like that. Can anything be done about the ash borer?

  3. It is always sad when trees have to be taken out. Love your Ice Drops.

  4. Glad you went for gold :-) Unfortunate about the trees :-(


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