Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Lucky pennies

I meant to post last night, but once I got on my computer I forgot! Luckily, there is no time clock for blog posting!

Last week, Denise and I decided it would be fun to use Edda Guastalla's instructions to tat around pennies. Denise was able to find rolls of new 2016 pennies at the bank, and she got started right away. I stuck to my goal of finishing one Ice Drop for each branch of my little silver tree before starting on pennies.

Since Denise had done some experimenting, I knew that five rings were all that were needed to cover a penny, compared to the six rings needed to hold a glass gem. The size 20 thread pretty much covers up the penny. Denise suggested that size 40 might work better, and I agree. However, I am much too lazy to walk upstairs to go through my stash of size 40! ;-)

I decided to try reversing the back and front, which really only means that I reversed the side of the coin inside the tatting and attached the ribbon the opposite way.

I think it looks fine, but it hangs funny on the tree. I guess I need to play around with the ribbon some more!

Now I'm thinking that I need to finish a lucky penny for each branch of my silver tree!


  1. Your lucky pennies are fun. You'll have to give the away for luck at the end of the festive season.

  2. Very pretty. You may want to coat your penny with clear finger nail polish, to prevent any corrosion rubbing off on your beautiful tatting. Love the copper color coming through. This will make awesome gifts.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Marie! I'm going to start on that this morning.

  3. Let's hope they are all lucky, great idea especially for the kids

  4. What a wonderful idea & effect !

  5. Another terrific idea! Your little tree will be well dressed for sure.

  6. Very nice. We don't have new pennies here I'm sure I can find something from my coin collection. I like this idea.

  7. Brilliant idea and what a lovely idea to tat lucky pennies for your tree.


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