Saturday, November 5, 2016

Who wants beads?

I came into a windfall of beads, more than a lifetime supply. These are actually bracelets, but they could easily be taken apart for other uses.

They were free to me, so they're free to you. If you can reimburse me for postage, that would be greatly appreciated. However, my goal is simply to find a good home for them all.

If you would like some, please email your name and address to me at Diane Cademartori at gmail dot com. Believe me, I have more than enough to go around!


  1. I love beads and use them in my work.. Whoops, I've just realised you are in the US, perhaps it wouldn't be practical What do you think. By the way, the name of your blog always makes me smile. It puts a picture in my mind .'Lace lovin' librarian would like to meet ' sequin lovin' University lecturer.' Sorry, I don't mean that in a nasty way, but it always gives me a giggle

    1. That gives me a giggle as well! I'm happy to mail to the U. K.!

  2. I'll send you my info - can reimburse via Paypal

  3. Hi, perhaps you could let me know what the costs would be. Many thanks. Blessings


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