Sunday, November 6, 2016

Shuttle count

My shuttle counting continues. I know I haven't posted pictures in a while, so it's a good thing I have a piece of paper by my computer to keep track of numbers!

Yes, there is room in this drawer. I blinged most of my Sunlit shuttles. Do you think I should purchase more so that I have a set in unopened packages? ;-)

I've been blinging shuttles for several years. I've given many away, but I've kept my favorites for myself! I've also swapped blinged shuttles with tatting friends, which opens up wonderful new ideas for decorating shuttles!

I do have a post called Blinging my way, which is linked at the top of my page. However, I take no credit for the technique. I learned it all from Decoromana. Her directions are fabulous! I have tried modifications, but I always seem to go back to Decoromana's excellent instructions.

In case you're wondering, this drawer takes the count to over 500 shuttles! That's a little bit excessive, don't you think?

I do love my Clover shuttles, and I've tried to preserve one package of each design that I've purchased. Of course I started this practice just a couple of years ago, so I'm missing the older packages.

I know muskaan is keeping track of the count, so this drawer is totally unfair. There are multiple packages of shuttles. Therefore, I will share the count... 56! Yes, there are 56 shuttles in this drawer!

My craft supplies were my focus yesterday. I found a new home for multiple skeins of yarn, extra knitting needles and crochet hooks, and I posted about beads that I have to give away. Why is it that reorganization causes a bigger mess? I really have to shift my cleaning and reorganizing into high gear. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it!

There was only time to tat two Ice Drops yesterday.

I shifted from pearls to seed beads. I think my little tree will be very colorful by Christmas!


  1. I do remember some of these beautiful shuttles and love the snowdrops!!

  2. I remember you binging your shuttles and also binging some for the kids, 500 shuttles gosh will you ever use them all, or just use the usual everyday ones.
    Snowdrops are looking pretty, your tree will look beautiful

  3. Wow, that's some shuttle collection!

  4. I'm in awe of your shuttle collection and amazed but not too surprised to learn that you're in the area of 500! The blinged ones are so appealing!

    Are the discs in your cute snowdrops like those glass gems they use in vases as fillers? I believe I have some of those around here!
    But I'd have to learn how to encapsulate them!

  5. Inventory up to date, milady :-P
    Note that I am taking your word for that 56 figure ;-P
    Love the blinged shuttles - need to get a closer view of each.
    Your tree is indeed going to look unique and sparkly !

  6. Yep, Shuttle Queen is your new name!!! :)
    Great snow drops!! :)

  7. I am enjoying seeing all of your shuttles and the snowdrops are quite lovely, clever idea :-)


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