Sunday, April 24, 2022

Not much to blog about

This past week has been kind of busy, so I really haven't had anything to blog about. The little bit of time I did spend tatting and knitting didn't amount to anything worthy of pictures. I think I'd have had more done if I hadn't spent so much time watching YouTube videos. Most of the ones I watched were about things I will probably never try. There were links on the right side of the screen, and I allowed myself to get pulled into watching all sorts of craft videos.


The call of the knitting needles was strong this morning. I've been wanting to knit a pair of spiral tube socks for a while. They're a great way to get me back into sock knitting mode. Denise introduced me to this style of sock way back when. I think the last pair I knit was for my grandson Aidan's baby shower. He'll be 18 in June. I know I have that baby sock pattern tucked away somewhere, but for now I'm knitting an adult pair in worsted weight yarn. I know these will be too thick for me to wear with shoes, but they'll be great for sitting around the house on a cold winter night. I know. I know. It's spring here in Illinois, but if I don't start knitting them now, I won't have them for winter!

I'm getting so close to finishing Elizabeth from Bonded with tatting - doilies by Laura Bziukiewicz. This last round is beautiful, but I have to pay close attention. I don't want to make a mistake this close to the end!


  1. I think I have knitted spiral socks but I really like knitting conventional socks so didn’t stick with them. It’ll be interesting to know how comfy they are to wear. The doily is looking fantastic.

  2. The doily is looking great. Funny how the last round always seems to take so much longer.... Your socks look nice, too. You'll have to model them for us when they are finished. :)

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I will model them when they're finished!


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