Sunday, January 17, 2016


It's pretty cold here today, so I just sat around and tatted after doing a little more organizing in my sewing room.

I have almost half of the hanky edging tatted. It's amazing how quickly this seems to go after tatting a gigantic doily!

And yes, I did start another Spinning Wheel glass mat. I think I should have one to match every hanky that I edge with tatting, don't you?


  1. Both are looking pretty . Pleasant colourway .

  2. All the color will be pleasing to look at each day with all this snow!! :) Both look great!!! :)

  3. You've used your tatting time well! Pretty thread.

  4. Organizing your sewing room and tatting finished projects is amazing. Love the Springtime hanky edging. One Year to Create a Masterppiece..YOU are Amazing Dear!

  5. I love these two works and great to see you free with tatting.


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