Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Peacock Blues

Peacock Blues #149 is one of my favorite Lizbeth thread colors. I knew I would be showing the kids some tatting today, and this color just happened to be right in front of me when I went in to my sewing room.

The kids are fascinated by rings and chains, and the Spinning Wheel glass mat just seemed to fall off my shuttles!

The twins were four months old yesterday. They're still little, but they've grown so much!

Princess Sophia loves them!


  1. Another is great and looks like an Elsa fan is watching you too :)

  2. Very nice, and a fan club too.

  3. What precious pictures! So adorable! And I certainly recognize that sweet quilt!

    I missed your posts showing the salmon mat. I have never seen that lovely color before.

    I know Handy Hands is not an actual store, but it must be something to see the incredible numbers of colors they carry, in several different sizes, all in one place! I never dreamed there would be so many color choices!
    However, I have quite a few colors I haven't even opened yet (bought on sale), so I'm trying to keep the thread 'under control'.

    I went to the Hobby Lobby across the border in Ohio and was a little disappointed that they have cut down on the number of balls of Lizbeth they display, but at least they still have their 'tatting section' with books and shuttles all in one place. The other stores just don't carry tatting supplies anymore

  4. Ah, I hope you're keeping count of the spinningwheels. The twins are certainly keeping an eye on you.

  5. Now I have an unopened peacock blues thread and have not opened it because it does not look very inspiring on the ball, feel a bit different about it now that I can see how it tats up, thanks


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