Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Just a thought...

As I was finishing up my Sunkist Coral Spinning Wheel glass mat tonight, I had a thought... I still have time to tat another one by Friday. If I make it my goal to tat one Spinning Wheel by Friday of each week, I could have 52 Spinning Wheel glass mats by the end of the year! Sounds a little crazy, doesn't it?

Mom sent me this picture of Dad with his Sea Scout troop. Dad's the tall, skinny guy in the center of the back row. Mom thinks this picture was taken around 1962, when I was 10 years old. I remember going to the Sea Scout base with Dad. I also remember having a crush on a couple of those guys!

One time when we were at the base, my sister Janet and I went back down the gravel road to see the chickens. A rooster started chasing us, and we ran screaming back to Dad. Did I mention we were barefoot? Dad rescued us, of course, and that's the only time I remember being allowed to sit on the car!

While I love to eat eggs, I still don't care for chickens or roosters. I hope Dave doesn't decide he wants chickens next summer!


  1. Beautiful Sunkist Coral glass mat. I've made about three of them and will make more - but 52? It'd keep me from tatting other things in the tatting time.
    Great memories. We had about two thousand chickens on our farm growing up. I always wore gloves when I gathered eggs as the hens tried to peck my hands. Gathered eggs three times a day as my job when out of school durring summers.

  2. This color wheel is very beautiful and your dad's picture reminds me of some old ones I have, a trip down memory lane is fun.

  3. But if you tatted so many Glass Mats, then you probably would start to hate the pattern - and that would be a shame. A Little of what you Fancy is good for you! When I was a child we had an ancient Chinese cook who used to let me watch him cutting off the chicken's heads - I couldn't begin to watch that now, but I will never be able to rid myself of the memories of those chicken running around the yard with no heads.It's the Food Chain, isn't it, but it can be brutal.

  4. Can't have too many spinning wheels! Sounds like a scary rooster, it would certainly put you off chickens for life.

  5. Beautiful spinning wheel glass mat!!! :)
    Neat memory!! :)


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