Saturday, January 23, 2016

Helping out

Since summer, Dave has been helping daughter Alison with some remodeling projects she's wanted done. Today he started on her downstairs bathroom and flooring in the hallway and laundry room. I say Dave is helping, because all I do is stand and watch!

Being gone all day didn't leave much time for tatting, but I did accomplish a little.

I managed to get a little further along with attaching the hanky edging. I haven't developed a rhythm for it yet, but I know that once I do it will be finished quickly!

My friend Carol told me about these little stitch marker safety pins. I can't remember where I purchased them, but I love them! These are what I used to hold my hanky edging in place. I'm only attaching one side at a time. I'm afraid they'd get all tangled if I pinned all the way around at once.

I have not tired of Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel glass mat. This is what I managed to tat on the ride to Alison's this morning. She lives an hour and a half away. Not bad for tatting in the car!

This one is Lizbeth #138, Leafy Greens. There was just enough left on the ball to fill the two shuttles. I don't finish off balls of thread very often, so this is truly a memorable piece! ;-)


  1. I love those pins too and get them from ebay. they hankie is looking great just a bit and you will be done.

  2. Not seen those pins, well not in the uk, another gorgeous spinning mat coming along, gosh you did a lot in the car, I can knit in the car but I don't seem to able to tat in the car.
    Look forward to seeing the green spinning wheel when finished

  3. I only learnt recently that those little pins are actually stitch markers. They work well for holding tatting, it doesn't get caught in the coil. I only have a few, but now that I know what they are, I might be able to find some more. Good to be able to tat in the car, I can't do that.


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