Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Too busy to blog

I've been busy test tatting!

Lynne Urwin asked me to test tat her Rocky Road design. It reminds me of a Celtic knot!

This one has more beads, and Lynne said she likes this version. I prefer her original!

This version has little halos tatted around three of the rings. I'm not sure about this one. Lynne will be posting this pattern on the Ice Drop Addicts page on Facebook when she has it the way she likes it... soon!

I also did some test tatting for Vicki Clarke. Sorry, this little peek-a-boo is all you will get out of me!


  1. You have done a wonderful job with all your test tatting!!! :) They are all so pretty!! :)
    Love the variety of colors too!! :)

  2. I really like the triangle shape in this drop that looks like fun. These drops truly have endless opportunities dont they😃💐😃

  3. That’s clever, triangles. Yes, I like the top one best too.

  4. Lovely triangular shape, but I prefer the second purple coloured one with the added attraction of beads.

  5. So many possibilities! I can't wait to see what that bottom picture is part of!

    1. You'll have to wait for Vicki Clarke to give the big reveal! I'm just a lowly test tatter. ;-)

  6. You have been busy testing and I do like the shape of this ice drop


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