Saturday, October 17, 2020

Searching for an anchor

I'm looking for an anchor pattern.

Lisa Adams from Tatting Corner found this one for me:

It's a great pattern, and I was able to tat it up pretty quickly, but it's not quite what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something a little more substantial, maybe as long as the shuttle. 

Does anyone remember seeing an anchor pattern other than this one? Have you designed an anchor? I'm sure I've seen one somewhere. The question is, where?


  1. I downloaded one by Lily Morales YEARS ago. It was in the Sept. 2007 Mobile Tatters Guild. Not sure if it is still available.

  2. Seems like there was one in Georgia Seitz's online tatting class years ago. Don't remember who designed it, but I'm sure if you go to the site and search it'll be there....somewhere.

    1. Thanks! I found it! Lily Morales's pattern is available on Craftree!

  3. I like the minimalism of this anchor! Craftree is another place you can search.

  4. Try looking at the bottom of the ocean!!!! Sorry, can't help, Diane.

  5. Beautiful anchor, thinking it would look good on a card thank you for sharing the pattern

  6. There's one in Rebecca Jones' Complete Book of Tatting.


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