Saturday, August 13, 2016

Not in the mood

It took me way too long to finish this Spinning Wheel. You see, I allowed myself to be distracted today.

I spent a good hour and a half fixing a paper jam on my printer. It shouldn't have taken so long, but I couldn't figure out how to get the back of the printer open. I finally turned the printer a different way, and I immediately saw how to open it. Unbelievable!

I also spent a long time researching piecing with equilateral triangles. There are some wonderful YouTube videos on cutting and piecing equilateral triangles. Did I really need to watch them all?

Dave turned on the t.v. after lunch and there was a Fixer Upper marathon. I watched all afternoon!

Usually when I'm watching t.v. I tat, but not today. No, I laid down on the couch and snoozed on and off for most of the afternoon.

I finally sat down to tat in the late afternoon, and I managed to finish my Spinning Wheel a short time ago. I do love the color of this one. It's in size 80 Majestic #849, and it measures about 3 1/2" across.

I'm pretty tired from all the inactivity of the day! I guess I'd better start setting some goals for myself so that I don't fritter away all of my days!


  1. You are completely entitled to some frittering, really! You're retired!

  2. I agree with Michelle! Before I read her comment, I was going to write something similar. You're allowed to have days with no structure or goals, watch TV, investigate craft videos or even take a nap!

    I've had printer situations, too. I got the back of the printer off, but then couldn't get it back on! Then there was the time I found my sunglasses inside my other printer - total disbelief! - but that's another story! (And the printer still works!)

  3. Sometimes we need to recharge our batteries and fritter a day away. As long as we don't fritter every day away, right?

  4. A paper jam is enough to put anyone off their stroke. This spinning wheel is just glorious!

  5. I do love that tiny thread and next time place a size 20 next to it so we can see the difference :) I too have spent much time doing many other things this summer and nothing much at times.

  6. Beautiful shade of blue !
    I'm going through net connectivity problems - very sporadic connection :-(

  7. Beautiful spinning wheel glass mat!!!! :)
    With all you did before and since you retired, one day of mostly rest was probably a needed thing!!! :)

  8. A little frittering now and then is a good thing. I don't think you are in any danger of making a habit of it. I hope you feel refreshed.


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