Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Enjoying retirement

Yes, I am enjoying retirement. I think the best part is that I can do things at a slower pace. I have very few deadlines, and that's just fine with me!

Today I went shopping, not because I needed anything, but because I could! I wasn't gone long, and I didn't buy much (just a few notions for my sewing students), but I loved the feeling that I could do whatever I wanted because I felt like it. I'm a homebody and I really don't enjoy shopping, but it was a nice change of pace!

I also watched a couple of old movies today, Monkey Business with Cary Grant and Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn. I could have accomplished a lot of tatting while watching these two oldies, but I only tatted for a little while. Instead, I worked on Sudoku puzzles.

Yes, indeed... I am enjoying retirement!


  1. :-)))))
    That's how life is meant to be always :-D

  2. So happy you are enjoying retirement! The freedom is intoxicating! I never understood those who felt 'bored' at home. And I love going shopping just to browse. Glad you enjoy the classic movies, too!

  3. I don't believe I have seen or heard of Monkey Business so I will have to look for it, but I love Roman Holiday!!!!!!!!! :) Enjoy it!!! :)
    Looks like good progress on the spinning wheel!! :)

  4. Glad you have joined the retirement band, it's great we can go out when we want. If the sun is shining and it's a nice day we can just go out and enjoy the day, wet and we can stay in tat, knit and relax. Yes retirement opens up so many possibilities

  5. I'm very happy for you. I'm a Sudoku fan, too.

  6. So glad you are enjoying your retirement. The freedom to do what we want when we want. Joyous!

  7. glad you are enjoying your new life and love those movies too!


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