Monday, August 29, 2016

Just another manic Monday

I really don't know how the day got away from me so quickly, but I did manage to pack a lot into it.

I did manage to work a little on my Spinning Wheel glass mat in this gorgeous Japanese thread. Taking time to tat between laundry loads makes laundry day a lot more fun!

I also spent time on the mermaid tail afghan that I should have finished a month ago. Luckily, it's been too hot and humid for anyone to want to use an afghan!

The best part of my day was giving Bella a sewing lesson. Bella comes to my house every day after school, so we have plenty of time for lessons. Today she made her own little thread catcher. She did a great job, and she was very pleased with her finished project!


  1. Laundry and Tatting would be more fun. Gorgeous Mermaid Afghan. Good Job to Bella! Bless you for teaching the young our beloved hobbies.

  2. I like hearing about the variety of your days!

  3. Ah, sounds like a good day. Yay Bella! I've been wanting to knot a mermaid tail, but it's been too hot here, too. Tatting would make laundry more fun.

  4. Another great spinning wheel in progress!!! :)
    Love the color scheme in the mermaid tail!!!! :)
    That is sweet!!! Love when young ones finish their first projects!!! :)

  5. Enter your comment...Testing my new phone.
    So great that you are teaching these sewing skills. Are your former tatting students still taking lessons from you?

  6. The spinning wheel looks beautiful
    Lovely mermaid tail,
    How nice that you are sharing your sewing skills looks a very nice little thread baskets.

  7. Oh, I like those shades of blue, in your glass mat and in your mermaid tail! I'm not surprised that you're a great sewing teacher, too!

  8. It's all been said above & I have nothing new to add :-)
    Congratulations to Bella & her wonderful teacher :-)))

  9. The thread catcher looks great, I can see why she is pleased! The weather will soon be cool enough to want to use that mermaid afghan :)


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