Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sewing lessons

I gave sewing lessons to three little girls today... what fun! They brought their own sewing machines with them, which was a challenge for me. Each brand has its little quirks, and it took me a while to figure out how to wind the bobbins and thread the machines. Still, we had a lot of fun!

I did spend some time tatting today, but a good deal of my day was taken up with getting prepared for my lesson with the girls. It looks like I'll be able to finish this Spinning Wheel tomorrow!


  1. Oh good, glad to hear that young girls are learning to sew! Good for you for passing that knowledge and skills on.

  2. when you spoke about the sewing lessons, I somehow envisaged you teaching hand-sewing! - I had to learn that in school and I wish now that I had paid more attention. Is the organic cotton nice to tat with? - is it about a size 80?

    1. Maureen, we are actually doing a combination of hand sewing and machine sewing. The girls' assignment for the week is to fill a square of plastic canvas with running stitch. On their sewing machines they are to practice threading their machines and sew rows of straight stitches. They are very enthusiastic!

  3. What fun that sewing lesson must have been !!! :)


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