Monday, August 8, 2016

Wonderful weekend

Thursday morning I received an email from my uncle Jim. He and his brother Ed were heading to Chicago for the weekend and wanted to know if we would be around. Of course the answer was yes! Jim is a year older than me, and Ed is a year younger. They're my mom's youngest brothers. I hadn't seen either of them since my parent's 50th anniversary 15 years ago.

There were preparations to be made on Friday, and the "boys" arrived early Saturday afternoon. We had a wonderful visit and talked like you wouldn't believe! Sunday morning we headed up to my sister's and continued our visit. There really was no time of tatting!

Today was a different story. I worked on laundry and spent the time between changing loads working on round 5 of Renulek's Napkin Marta. It now measures about 5 1/2" across with only one round to go!


  1. Wonderful to catch up with family! Tatting certainly makes waiting for the wash load much more interesting. It's beautiful.

  2. And I can see Harry Potter alongside it! - I'm not buying it myself, I steer clear of "continuations" of books or series that have not actually been written by the original author.I do love the colours you're using and I think I like Marta more than the previous one you made.

    1. Yes, you do see Harry Potter! I don't normally buy continuations either, but I was interested in this one because it is written as a play. It's been more than 20 years since I've directed a school play, but I still enjoy looking through scripts!

  3. Family visits are the best! Love how Marta is coming along.

  4. Visiting with family is so important! Marta is looking lovely.

  5. Family are important, the doily is looking beautiful

  6. I'm amazed as usual that you have any time to tat, especially with your added 'cooking/canning' chores (I feel like a martyr just shucking a few ears of corn!)
    but you keep forging ahead with your tatting!

    However, I admit I had to read the sentence about your uncles' ages a few times! That sounds like an interesting story! So nice that you had a visit with them!


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